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Seven days. That was all the time it took. In just seven days, humanity went from masters of the planet, to food for the plants…if you were lucky…

…at least in retrospect.

In actuality, the zombie virus had been spreading for years. It’s symptoms were mild and un-threatening. Unlike a virus that hits fast and hard, this one hit soft and slow. When the tipping point came, it was too late. First were cases of people dying of thirst, with no desire to drink anything. It then started to include severe insomnia. As a person became more and more fatigued due to lack of sleep, all the normal sleep deprivation effects kicked in. With one change; the hallucinations were acted upon violently, with bare hands and teeth as weapons.

A few of the early cases that were studied in the first month or two were were able to be sedated…long enough to bring them out of their “zombification” for a few minutes before their heart and brain stopped due to the amount of powerful sedatives used. These poor individuals related, every single one of them, a terrifying account. One woman explained that she saw everyone as giant marshmallow-men (her favorite food), and that she felt she was in a lucid dream, where she got ‘points’ from eating these marshmallow opponents. Another man from the UK related that he saw everything happening as it did…but he was helpless to do anything about it. It was as if he was trapped in his own mind, unable to control his body. He described the horrible feeling of biting into a 9-year old boys throat, and the feeling of the child’s last dying breath washing over his face as he exhaled. Another man from Wisconsin reported that he didn’t feel anything at all other than happiness. Like it was all a fun game of tag. He, thankfully, died before he realized that he had personally killed six entire families in his apartment complex…all by ripping their stomaches open to get at the individuals liver and kidneys (the rest of the body was left uneaten).

At that point, however, it was too late. Like a backdraft in a fire, cases started appearing of “zombification” in mind boggling numbers. First it was 10 per hour world wide, the next hour it was 300 per hour, the next hour it was 12,000, the next hour it was estimated to be near a 100,000 people per hour. There was no counting after that. It was too late. Countries turned in on themselves, military strikes against entire cities and states/provinces were carried out. It is rumored that a few nuclear armed countries set off nukes in their own areas to try to stop the hordes of “undead”. Nobody was calling it by it’s technical name…not at this point. It was obvious to everyone…scientists included…the world was dealing with a Zombocalypse!

The world hung on to hope for near another month. That’s when the wide-band radio, microwave and satellite communications died. Nobody was around to notice. Those that were alive, weren’t anywhere near areas that had human populations of any size. With the last, PBS TV system blinking off to a dark screen, that was it. Everyone was on their own. The world was suddenly much larger and lonelier than it was before. A few of those hanging on to hope lost their minds. Many killed themselves. A few joined together to embrace the madness and anarchy, living life however they wanted, waiting for death. And fewer still became “Survivors”. The last remnants of any sort of civilized behaviour. These Survivors scavenge houses, abandoned R.V.‘s, overturned big-rigs, stores, and anything else they can find that isn’t infested with the living dead. These Survivors survive because of their humanity and un-definable tie to other people. They survive by being stealthy and smart. They survive because there is nothing left to do. They bicker amongst themselves, they love, they hate, they lie, cheat and steal, they help, care for and, above all, they fight the undead together. They. SURVIVE!

Home Page

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