Welcome to...the End of the Mother'fukin' world, yo!

Campaign Perspectives

What is Campaign Perspectives?

These will be diatribes from the “perspective” of individual characters (PC’s and NPC’s). So, players, if you are reading this…so, Josh I guess…because none of the other’s tend to visit this site…feel free to write a couple paragraphs about how your character “viewed the zombocalyps” last session (or two, or three…whatever). I, the GM, will handle the NPC’s.

Any “character-to-character” interactions can be written about (e.g., you can ‘speak’ for/as some other character), but try to think of how that character may have actually acted, or what they would have said. Vagaries are best (e.g., “While talking to Lou, he seemed to talk about fishing a lot and how zombies sometimes act like fish”…that sounds like something he may say or talk about or do).

Anyway…have fun, but try not to write short stories. This is supposed to be a more eclectic ‘short views from the edge’ kind of Adventure Log. :)

The GM



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