So ya, ... Zombies.

Well I guess that is that.

Can’t believe I am writing this on paper .. PAPER! with like a pencil and everything! Geeze.

I mean fuck! .. Things were just starting to look up., then boom Zombies! I guess I have always been moving towards this. Caught up in time leading to these events. Time being the 4th dimension sucks!

Ya I was always smart, I went to my first college at age 12, an arts college for piano, left there after 6 monthes when I got into Stanford for maths and physics. After a year there I did a Doogie and transferred to Harvard to study medicine and chemistry. I hated New York and went back to Stanford to continue my medical degree. I gave that up after my first internship at 16. And moved to the trades, studying engineering and electronics with of course a bit of computer studies thrown in..

But all that was boaring, and when I turned 18 I wanted adventure, I joined the military. I used my chemistry and engineering knowledge to leap ahead of most of the other recruits and get into demolitions training, blowin stuff up rocks! But they sent me to some damn Colorado mountain base where the training Sargent insisted we all needed to be able to survive in the wilderness … I found some legal loop holes to get out of that mans army fast and with a fair sized settlement. At 18 I had so much knowledge I was going to go insane, and just enough inside knowledge to become a hermit conspiracy nut.

So I went into a basement and started building stuff. I had some money from the army payout so I bought a house and started building security systems in my garage. That led to me designing and building my own drones that were ahead of what I had used in the military. A couple of friends and I formed a company to capitalize on our awesomeness and we made it all legal and then went public with our cutting edge drones. That was the day the world went to zombie hell.

A crazy neighbor killed one of my business partners and a fire destroyed my whole neighborhood, so I went on the run. I ended up living on on the shore of a lake with a couple people until we ran out of food. A doorknob named Pete (about as smart as most of the jack offs I was in the army with), and an airhead housewife named Kiera (not even a MILF). My companions my be lame but its better than being alone.

So yesterday we ran out of food, we rowed across the lake in a leaky canoe, I taped it up as best I could but the water degraded the tape and we barely made it to the shore by a campground. We found some old office worker named Lou, and made our way up to an old public washroom, where we found a couple other survivors holed up in the empty janitor closet. With some kind of duck dynasty prepper named Larry and a possible better than average prospect Starr, and that made us a group of 6. Better than one but still not large enough to feel safe or clear a respectable area of the undead menace.

We checked out the ranger station but it was about as secure as a birdhouse on the ground in cat country. There was a work shed nearby so I thought we could check it out but nobody came with me, they were all standing around the water tower yelling up to Pete who was looking for a sniper vantage point, it only he had a gun … Found this locked truck so I poped the lock and got in as someone said there were Zombies coming. Don’t know what happened to everyone else so I hunkered down in here and pulled out my journal, Its been two hours and the thumping of zombies hasn’t dissipated. F’ing freaks. I think I’ll try and get some sleep.



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