Lemuel "Lou" Fischebalmn

50'-something retiered middle management.


Lou is late-50’s, balding, average shape, with a mostly silver, scruffy, beard. He wears clothes that were obviously high-quality (designer name) when they were new. He has a dark green vest with many pockets (mostly filled with fishing tackle), and he even sleeps with his khaki fishing hat, with fishing lours still dangling from it.

He talks with a slight southern drawl, and is prone to listen before acting or speaking (he was in a cabin for two days before deciding he was going to move…when the PC’s showed up). He is a “focused listener”, who will stare intently in your eyes when speaking to you…which can be unsettling for some, more timid folk.

He has somewhat poor nigh-vision, and refuses to go out when it “gets dark” or when he’s asked to go check out any “dark places” (like big warehouses and the like), but he is surprisingly spry for an old fart.


“Lou”, as everyone calls him is from the South. He was up here around Miller’s Pond for a fishing trip ( quite skilled at freshwater fishing ). Just himself, getting away from the hustle and bustle of Memphis. Lou is an avid fishermen, and getting better at “roughing it”. No family to himself (his career as a copyright/trademark lawyer took that up), he only had one person in his life; his mother, Millueda. She was a tough old bird, still living alone at age 79. She is the only person Lou really thinks about in any serious manner ( doesn’t form personal attachments with others very well ).

Lemuel "Lou" Fischebalmn

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